Monday, November 8, 2010

Eat. Shop. Massage! - Heavenly Bandung Day 3

Whee!! Day 3 of Bandung! A day of relaxation and last minute shopping.

On this day, Jess and i decided to just hop on to a local taxi to the outlets near Rumah Mode again because there might be just some gems that we have missed yesterday and so we went! And somehow along the way we managed to hop on the local bus or angkut. The fare of the angkut is about RM0.30 or so. Although we didnt know where to stop we just told the driver the place we wanted to go and he would let us know when we reached. For me, this was really really fun because finally, we were experiencing a part of the daily life of the locals.

Some of the fun facts that we learnt was the fare per pax was Rm0.30 but if you were to ride the angkut in pairs, instead of paying RM0.60 you were supposed to pay RM0.70! Strange isnt it? Besides, the angkuts were aplenty in Bandung and they will only drive within a specific area and no where else. Also angkuts will just stop anywhere as they like. Plus, there is no door at the back seats! Teenagers or students with musical instruments will just walk to the entrance and sing you a song while we stopped at traffic lights. If you like the music, you just pay whatever you deemed it was worth. Fun!

We didnt really shop that much today. Well at least not me. I was just helping Jess out to pick up some last minutes shopping and also helping my friend to pick up so clothes. And once we felt that shopping was finally done, we decided to go for a message. But, we didnt know where.

One thing i really admire about Bandung is how friendly the people are. They would just help you as much as you could. As for us, the locals were so warm and sweet and tried to local a nice massage place for us by asking around, even to the extend of calling friends on the phone to ask. At the end, we were send to a place by the name of "Qi". 

This was the exact same massage parlo i passed by the first time i was there. It was cheap! Imagine paying only Rm20 for a 2 hours full body massage + legs massages. Wonderful!

And then the next best thing after a wonderful massage was more shopping! There is an outlet just opposite of the parlo and there we went again! How embarrassing! Hahahah. I was not really feeling very well on that day and sort of lost my appetite a bit but after the massage with all the "qi" pumping into my body, it sort of relieved the tension and heat in me a little and i actually felt so hungry that i was shaking! So we had to just pop into any restaurant we could find around there and we found this!

A Chinese steamboat restaurant! It is very similar to Cocoa Steamboat in KL but the soup and ingredients were 100 times better! The meat and seafood were so fresh that when you bite on them, you they "bounced" in your mouth! Hahha no joking! And they were juicy as well. Oh thinking of it actually makes me drool now.


And the icing to the whole dinner was the chili. It was very very spicy. I was having a hard time deciding if i should be eating the meal with or without the chili because they were both eaqually delicious on its own. We had both tom yam and clear soup. The tom yam soup looked very clear but hey it was really spicy. It was blended with the right touch or sourness and spicy. Just yummy. As for the clear soup, whao... it was just fantastic. Yummy to the very last drop!

Phew! What a wonderful dinner! More tomorrow on the last day of our trip.

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